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Toolzone Bill Hook with Wood Handle

Toolzone Bill Hook with Wood Handle
Toolzone Bill Hook with Wood Handle

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  • Length (approx.): 17" (430mm)
  • 270mm curved blade
  • Finish on blade for corrosion resistance
  • Wood grip for added comfort
  • Left or right hand use
  • Traditional bill hook with wood handle for tree and shrub work-hedging, layering.

Billhooks are almost universally made from ordinary steel of a moderate carbon content. High-carbon steel is not often used since an extremely sharp and hard edge is not necessary, and a slightly lower carbon content makes the hook easier to sharpen in the field. Hygiene and cosmetic appearance are unimportant so more expensive stainless steel is not used.

Billhooks have a relatively thick blade since they are typically used for cutting thick and woody vegetation. The nose is sometimes also thickened to bring the sweet spot further forward and to optimise the chopping action. The edge of a billhook is not bevelled to a very narrow angle to avoid binding in green wood.

The hooked front of the blade makes it easier to catch small branches when stripping them off larger branches and also makes chopping against a rounded object (such as a tree trunk) more effective


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