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Essential Electrician Tools List | ToolsDIY Guide

Carrying out electrical work should be ideally left to the professional, but should you have the required qualifications then read ahead and view our guide to the essential tools for an electrician.

There are obviously a number of jobs that you can undertake yourself and by owning the correct tools you can also protect yourself from any preventable accidents.

Electrician Tools List


A good set of pliers is essential, using pliers make up a majority of the day to day work for the electrician and having a durable set of pliers is essential to the day to day efficiency of the electrician. Pliers come in a multitude of different shapes and sizes and each will have a different

Combination and needle nose pliers are the most popular sets of pliers, but there are also top cuttingside cuttingadjustable, and eyelet tools ranging from miniature sizes to heavy duty sets.

Cable Cutters and Wire strippers

Essential for everyday electrical work of cutting cables to size, stripping and attaching to their respective points. A crimping tool is necessary to tidy up wires and to place connectors onto the end of the cable, it is the type of tool that is necessary for large projects or if there is a lot of wiring to be tidied up and replaced. The Rolson five in one automatic crimping tool and wire stripper or you can go for the separate tools of diagonal cutterswire strippers and a crimping tool kit.


You need a multimeter capable of reading up to 600 volts, and able to detect continuity. You can go for the budget option of an analogue multimeter or you can go with the slightly more advance digital multimedia tester which allows for easier reading with data holding and a large LCD digital display on the front.

Volt tester

These simple testers test the presence of specific voltages and continuity. You can use this instead of a multimeter, but the majority of electricians will have both. You can find our cheap digital voltage tester here.


If you are looking to gain many of the different tools listed above, you can opt for the Rolson Electrical Repair tool kit that offers a comprehensive kit including most of the tools listed above and extras such as electrical tape, cable ties, heatshrinks and many more essential accessories for electrical repairs. Failing that head over to our electrical tools section to view our whole range of different tool.

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