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Electrical Tools

Quite often you will find yourself needing to replace a plug or fuses, at ToolsDIY you can find everything you need to fix electrical related issues. We have electrical tools suitable to both the home user and the qualified electrician, all at competitive prices.

Whether you need to wire a plug or crimp some cables, we have a variety of electrical tools across many different brands. Our electrical products are quality assured to ensure that you are getting the very most for your money. If you need some guidence on finding the right tools for the job, then why not take a look at our electrical tool guide.

Remember to seek advice and consult a professional before undertaking any electrical work.

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PVC Electricians Insulation Tapes

PVC Electricians Insulation Tapes  - Electrical

PVC Electricians Insulation Tapes 20 Meter Long Roll of PVC Tape - 19mm Wide Ideal for Use...

Only £1.00 (inc VAT)

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3 Pin Plug 13 amp

3 Pin Plug 13 amp - Electrical

3 Pin 13 amp Plug White Rubber Top Conforms to BS1362 standards CE Marked Fitted with 13 Amp f...

Only £1.00 (inc VAT)

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4pc Domestic House Fuses

4pc Domestic House Fuses - Electrical

Domestic House Fuses.  Available in Packs of four: Containing 3 amps x 4,  5 amps x...

Only £1.02 (inc VAT)

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Shaver Plug Adaptor

Shaver Plug Adaptor - Electrical

Shaver Adaptor.  Fitted with 1amp fuse.  Suitable for 250v mains. BS1363/3.

Only £1.02 (inc VAT)

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40pc Red-Blue-Yellow Female Terminals

40pc Red-Blue-Yellow Female Terminals - Electrical

40pc Red-Blue-Yellow Females Terminals A practical pack of 40 red, blue or yellow female aut...

Only £1.20 (inc VAT)

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40pc Red-Blue-Yellow Male Terminals

40pc Red-Blue-Yellow  Male Terminals - Electrical

40pc Red-Blue-Yellow Male Terminals A practical pack of 40 Blue, Red or Yellow mal...

Only £1.20 (inc VAT)

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Solder Tube

Solder Tube - Electrical

Solder Tube Reel of solder contained in a handy plastic tube. Easy dispensing through hole at t...

Only £1.22 (inc VAT)

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Terminal Connector Blocks 36pc

Terminal Connector Blocks 36pc - Electrical

36pc Terminal Connector Blocks Pack of 36pc Terminal Blocks 12 x 3amp 12 x 5amp 12 x 10amp

Only £1.25 (inc VAT)

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Button Cell Batteries

Button Cell Batteries - Electrical

40 Piece Assorted Button Cell Batteries. For use with watches, games, calculators, torches, LEDs,...

Only £1.50 (inc VAT)

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8pc Mixed Domestic Fuses

8pc Mixed Domestic Fuses - Electrical

8pc Mixed Domestic Fuses 8 Pc Mixed Household Fuse Set  Includes : 4 Pieces of 13 Amps 240...

Only £1.50 (inc VAT)

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2 Way Adaptor

2 Way Adaptor - Electrical

2 Way Adaptor.  Adaptor that easily converts a single wall socket into a double socket.

Only £1.50 (inc VAT)

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Aluminium Micro LED Key Ring Torch

Aluminium Micro LED Key Ring Torch - Electrical

Aluminium Micro LED Key Ring Torch Ultra Bright LED Light Powerful Beam at Low Power Consumption...

Only £1.50 (inc VAT)

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Leather Key Fob with LED

Leather Key Fob with LED - Electrical

Leather Key Fob with LED.  Quality leather key fob with white beam. Supplied with 2pc AG13...

Only £1.51 (inc VAT)

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Fuse Wire

Fuse Wire - Electrical

Fuse Wire Fuse Wire Containing : 5 Amp 15 Amp 30 Amp

Only £1.52 (inc VAT)

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Cable Ties 150mm

Cable Ties 150mm - Electrical

Cable Ties 150mm (6") Pack of 100 cable ties Colour : White One piece moulded nylon.  Sel...

Only £1.54 (inc VAT)

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Aluminium Key Ring Torch

Aluminium Key Ring Torch - Electrical

Aluminium Key Ring Torch Ultra Bright LED Light Powerful Beam at Low Consumption Aluminium Body...

Only £1.55 (inc VAT)

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Light Wand and Whistle

Light Wand and Whistle - Electrical

Light Wand with Whistle Light wand flashlight 13000- 15000Mcd. Light mode 1 LED at front of body...

Only £1.66 (inc VAT)

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13 LED Touch Light

13 LED Touch Light - Electrical

13 LED Touch Light A lightweight  LED touch light. Ideal for use in tents, sheds, cupboards...

Only £1.74 (inc VAT)

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LED Book Light

LED Book Light - Electrical

LED Book Light This ingenious booklamp allows you to enjoy your book without disturbing others wh...

Only £1.79 (inc VAT)

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3 Pin In Line Connector

3 Pin In Line Connector - Electrical

3 Pin In Line Connector Enable two ends of cable to be connected 10A

Only £1.80 (inc VAT)

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